Passionate Penholders

Features Stories From My Book, The Paradox of Stripes and Polka Dots

“Passionate Penholders is the first edition of Wingless Dreamer which is a collection of poetry, flash fictions, and short stories by 50 vanguards who made it to the top 50 among the 1500+ submissions from all around the world. Hats off to their passion and efforts they put up in their respective literary pieces. It’s quite commendable and appreciable. Unity lies in diversity and one can see it through this collection.”


The Paradox of Stripes and Polka Dots Paperback

Ebook Version Available Now!

A collection of short stories.

In a land of paradoxical toys, a glass teddy bear and a ballerina unable to dance freely set out to lift an age old curse from Toy World. When evil shadows begin to attack some of the more melancholy toys, they learn that the curse is much darker and more personal than they thought.

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